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     Hello, and welcome to East Coast Flying. This website is for aviation enthusiast, pilots, and anyone who wants to learn more about aviation and flying. Flying in and around the Baltimore/Washington area presents its own set of unique and exciting challenges. That is why most of the information contained within this site has special emphasis placed on operations in and around the Baltimore/Washington area of the East Coast. However, as the site matures, more information will be posted and will expand to include other parts of the east coast. This website will also follow the lessons learned of a young pilot as he experiences general aviation and aerospace first hand through flight. This website's goal is to have lots of resources for those who want to learn to fly and for those who already fly.

      My name is Aaron and I am a Certified Flight Instructor and recreational pilot. I am also an aircraft owner. I have been flying since 2010 and obtained my license in 8 months of training with approximately 70 hrs in my logbook at the Baltimore Washington International Airport. I have since been accumulating an average of 100+ hrs per year and take every trip as an opportunity to learn something new. My wife Shannon and I love to share our love of aviation and we enjoy taking friends, family, and especially kids flying in my 1975 Cessna Cardinal. My passion for aviation stems from my childhood where, at the age of 5, I was a regular at the local airport (Suburban Airport in Laurel, MD) along with my grandmother. Every Friday, we would sit with tuna sandwiches and talk with the pilots and watch the airplanes take off and land. I have been hooked ever since. For my 13th birthday I received a gas powered remote control airplane kit. I quickly built it, joined a local club and started flying RC. I love flying RC airplanes whenever I get the chance and I have been actively flying RC airplanes for nearly 14 years now (more than half my life!). In 2009, I received a Bachelors of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland and Masters of Science in 2011 in the same field with a focus on rotorcraft aerodynamics and unmanned systems. I always knew I wanted to fly and when I turned 16, I begged my parents to let me get my pilot's license before my drivers license. My plan failed and until recently, this goal has been out of my reach. But, in 2010, I took my checkride, passing it with flying colors.

      I created this website for all the other aviation enthusiasts out there. Through this website, I wish to convey the magic that I see in flight and hopefully encourage others to take up this amazing and rewarding hobby. Once again, welcome to East Coast Flying.

 Final Approach to Easton Airport Runway 4 - ©2010

Aerial Photography

Cruising along at 2,000 ft or even 1,000 ft can give you a completely new perspective of the world we live in. It starts to remind you of how truly small you are compared to the wold. The beauty of our world really starts to sink in, and this is why I like taking pictures while flying almost as much as I enjoy flying itself. Please check out my photos page and if you see something you like, you can buy a print at a very reasonable price. I also have links to other aerial photography sites in the links page. If you have any tips or suggestions please let me know. I welcome any and all constructive criticism.


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